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climbing plant in gardenPlants have a rejuvenating effect on the body and mind. If you are tired, just sitting in your garden can drive the fatigue away and fill you with life. The lush greenery around your home acts like a magnet to attract birds and insects and the colorful blossoms soothe your nerves with their wonderful fragrance. But at we realized there are so many plants that need a firm support to grow upwards.

These plants can be vegetables or flowering and non-flowering climbers and vines that offer you shade, privacy, and soothing greenery.

Ensuring your climbing plants get the best climbing support to reach their maximum height is your responsibility. There are so many things you can use to create the perfect climbing device for such plants. Here are 4 of them.

1. Bamboo Cane

This is perhaps the most favored support for gardeners who love to grow runner beans. It is strong and sturdy. You can tie the canes to form a wigwam shape or you can adopt a ridge tent shape. At times, you can just a single bamboo cane to support climbers.

You will be able to find bamboo canes in garden centers. Alternatively, you can grow your own bamboo, but it will take years for them to reach a size that you can use as a support for vines and climbers.

2. Sticks and Twigs

If you have short climbers, like mouse melons and peas, you don’t need an elaborate support structure. Just assembling sticks and twigs should suffice the needs of short climbing plants. Most gardening enthusiasts love hazel twigs and sticks, but check the bushes around your garden and you will find something suitable.

3. Netting

Climbing plants love netting, as regardless of which side they grow, there will always be some form of support to cling to. While it is tough to put up netting, they can be a boon to keep birds away from your fruits. And, then the same netting can be used to support your climbing plants without any hassle.

Check out DIY stores and garden centers to find quality and durable netting that will last for years to come.

4. Garden Shed or Fence

If you have a garden shed or fence around your home, you can use them to support plants. However, do remember you would also need to fix string to the fence or shed wall, so that you can guide the growth of the plants. Use cheap tacks to fix the string. This support method is a magnificent way to cover ugly bits of your fence and shed wall.

It may be difficult in the US to get a maypole, but not impossible. You can fix a maypole in your flowerbed if you want to grow vegetables amidst your blooms. So, if you find a maypole, grab it and use it creatively in your garden. Otherwise, you have four other options to ensure outstanding support for your climbing plants and runners.